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Design for sustainable living

SEED International provides fantastic permaculture education in world–class permaculture settings. We have been offering programs locally and internationally for over 2 decades. Permaculture is an amazingly common–sense approach to living lightly. The SEED International team is passionate about contributing to a more sustainable future, and is dedicated to helping others in their journey towards living sustainable and abundant lifestyles. We love to teach permaculture and help design productive

permaculture systems such as city farms and community gardens; gardens in universities, schools and playgroups; backyard gardens; urban rooftops; small holdings and ecovillages. Our education programs are practical, fun and delicious. Students leave with inspiration, great design skills, confidence to implement projects, and of course, happy tummies. SEED International is a social enterprise based at the unique Crystal Waters Permaculture Village near Maleny QLD, Australia. Learn more.

what we offer


education Enrol in our workshops to learn about permaculture design and gardening in our award–winning edible landscape at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village. Bring your school class for a permaculture camp. We also offer workshops at Northey Street City Farm, University of the Sunshine Coast, throughout Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Libraries and other locations locally and internationally.

design We can help you create a sustainable design for your garden, community garden or rural property using permaculture principles and ethics. We can advise on ways to integrate sustainability solutions throughout your home and garden. Talk to us before you begin your new building project or retrofit.

experience Let us help you build the confidence and skills needed to create your sustainable lifestyle. Come with us on a tour of our award-winning edible landscape and owner-built eco-home. Let us guide you through our unique eco-village, recipient of a United Nations World Habitat Award. Stay for an hour, a week or longer.